PEasy Analyse: all-in-one business intelligence software

PEasy AnalysePEasy Analyse designed to help business in analyzing dependable, up-to-date information in a personalised view. There’s a number of feature from key performance indicators, what if analysis, graphical OLAP to balanced scorcard that will create your analysis more effectively powerful. In short, this software package enhances enterprise productivity.

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At the enterprise domain, creating a report based on the actual data is must. The manager should provide the figure, market description, sales data or customer behavior at  best time–faster and accurate. Using the best intelligent software such PEasy Analyse will help this business forecast, marketing planning and other strategic business decision.

PEasy Analyse has many powerful feature related to data. It called data Extraction, data Transformation and Cube Management.  This data management feature  provides the foundation for the enterprise to extract, load and transform (ETL) data using an intuitive, graphical interface, through a unified, powerful browser-based platform. PEasy Analyse assists your enterprise in delivering  valid business decision.

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Here some key features of  PEasy Analyse:

  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Forecasting and Predictive Analysis can do:
  • What If, Sensitivity Analysis
  • Cross-Tab OLAP Analysis
  • Graphical OLAP
  • Exception Reporting and Alerts
  • Publishing and Delivery Agent
  • Data Extraction, Data Transformation, Cube Management
  • Balanced Scorecards

Gain more profit with valid business intelligent tools, invest to PEasy Analyse software package.