Protect your computer, protect your data

New viruses are born every time. Then it spread easily through internet, mini storage circulation and others. Your installed antivirus could be not enough to protect your online computer so your data still at risks. Make sure your steps to protect computer and the data are on right line.

You can prevent data loss or system crash by doing backup regularly. Backup your storage with your known or trusted application available in the market. Use data recovery software to ensure your data security.

Here some tips to protect your computer:

  • Install and update your antivirus. There are several free antivirus, you can choose the recommended one. After you install it, then keep it updated.
  • Consider to install anti spyware too. There are differences between virus and spyware. Some anti spywares help protect against spyware, but not viruses.
  • Update your computer’s operating system. Switch on the automatic update so you can receive the recent update of the system
  • Browse only secure sites with secure browser. There are many phising sites made to deceive careless visitors.
  • Don’t open email attachment from unknown sender. The attachment usually come from email that urge you to open it with less explanation and appealing title/subject.
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