Ready for Gross National Happiness?

happiness index

GDP is the most common indicator for wealth adopted by many countries in the world. How about the happiness index? We read some studies have established the happiness rate, and listed countries as well.

A recent Sustainability paper entitled “Avoiding the Limits to Growth: Gross National Happiness in Bhutan as a Model for Sustainable Development” reporting useful materials for whom interested in happiness index.

The author, Jeremy S. Brooks discuss Meadows et al.’s work in the context of the literature on sustainable development and well-being as well as the development trajectory of Bhutan.

Brooks suggests Bhutan’s development approach mirrors Meadows et al.’s recommendations and provides one model for sustainable development. The ideal of maximizing Gross National Happiness (GNH) exemplifies Bhutan’s commitment to holistic development and dovetails with arguments about the shortcomings of approaches that emphasize economic growth.

“I provide examples of how GNH has been put into practice, describe how happiness is being measured, and discuss the emergence of social norms and a shared Bhutanese identity that may contribute to sustainable development,” says Brooks.

According to Brooks’ study, an alternative to growth-centric development is viable. However, while Bhutan’s standard of living has increased, the country faces challenges, the most important of which may be their ability to manage rising consumption levels.

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Brooks JS. Avoiding the Limits to Growth: Gross National Happiness in Bhutan as a Model for Sustainable Development.Sustainability. 2013; 5(9):3640-3664.