Why we need to recycle our used cellphone

The booming of Blackberry and android recently have forced some of us to idle the old cellphone.

EPA launched national program on cellphone recycling as part of Earth Day 2009 celebration. This program enable you to power more houses with used cellphone!

Collaborate with  some big cellphone manufactures, EPA Plug-In To eCycling provides consumers more opportunities to donate or recycle their used electronics . Two years ago, with the similar projects more than 47 million pounds of electronics, mostly computers and televisions has been collected and recycled.

Here some reasons why used cellphone need to be recycled:

  • conserve valuable minerals, materials as they sourced with high social and environmental costs
  • reducing pollution and emission as the cellphone manufacturing, transporting needs fossil fuels
  • saving energy
  • Allows reusable materials out of landfills
  • many existing recycling programs donate cell phones that are in good working order to worthy charities, raise funds for charitable organizations, or provide them for discounted sale.

According to EPA, If Americans recycled the 100 million used cell phones, enough energy would be saved to power more than 18,500 homes for a year.

So, don’ waste your old mp3 player, while you buying new 16GB iphone.

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