Global financial crisis

I wrote a posting about current global crisis undermining smallholders. I thought that smallholders affected by global crisis were related to international commodities such as oil palm. Smallholder is only one of groups that become vulnerable when crisis hit developed countries.

Now, global financial crisis seems on the way, comes from the slowdown of US economic as well as in European countries. It threats the new economy in South such India and South east Asian.

financial crisis 2012I wonder on the next crisis phase which will impact more people of groups such workers.  As shown in the recent news, huge companies are decreasing their workers for business survival reasons.  This situation draws attention of most established families who are planning their retirement.

How they can address it at current global crisis?

First of all, some of them make a research before develop retirement plans. Good research needs dependable resources. You can find hundreds of online retirement resources which providing guidance, information of future location, lifestyle and other relevant information. As in, beside above services, you still able to explore more resources of financial for seniors as well as acquire access to retirement communities.

Reliable resources are important in making retirement plan as the numbers of seniors are increasing which is indicated by average life expectancy. As stated by National Centre for Health Statistics, at the turn of the 20th century, the average life expectancy was 47 years. Now, the average American can look forward to about 77 years of life.  Average life expectancy is projected to rise from 81 to 85 for men and from 84 to 88 for women by 2040.

Last but not least, I note that a reliable retirement resource should provide complete services to assist seniors understanding the current recession.

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