World richest countries 2011

It’s not difficult to predict which countries sit in the richest grup in 2011. The members are not quit moving around, from rich-oil countries and industrialized ones.

Here we’ll see the list made by IMF using 2010 data.

IMF put a richest country using gross domestic product per capita at nominal values.

It means that the value of all final goods and services produced devided by the population at the same year.

The indicator usually measured by current US dollar.

Here the top richest countries on the world:

  1. Luxembourg (up from 2nd)
  2. Norway (previously 3rd)
  3. Qatar                     (drops from #1)
  4. Switzerland
  5. Denmark
  6. Australia
  7. Sweden
  8. United Arab Emirates
  9. United States
  10. Netherlands

See the last year richest countries list

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