Road to Copenhagen: In search of certainty

Reading a recent article of NY Times on global climate deal, I noted that more uncertainty is raising and shown by industrial countries.  It seems that they try to present good message to global society, and agree to do something for tackling global warming.

However, until now their messages are lack of delivering clear and detail action. Current barrier on global climate deal is recognized:

As world leaders struggle to hash out a new global climate deal by December, they face a hurdle perhaps more formidable than getting big polluters like the United States and China to reduce greenhouse gas emissions: how to pay for the new accord..

However, there is no “concrete Road_to_copenhagen_iipalbanjary[dot]netstrategy” to raise huge sums of fund in the next climate payment mechanisms as proposed by scientists, NGO and developing countries.

A proposed mechanism to reduce greenhouse gas emissions such REDD, requires funds from industrialized countries. It is being tested in some areas where rainforests are become vital place for local livelihood and rare species.

Richest countries with proven high GHG emission and industrialized countries and  such US and UE are expected to be significant contributor within climate payment mechanism.  Unfortunately, global recession has made major changes and tightened their purse string.