Save Your Life by Managing Your Inbox

Many people are starting to question about the way how to manage email effectively. But why? Let’s discuss. The rapid growth of technology has influenced our lives, including the way to communicate. People used to send a letter through a postman and it takes a long time to receive it since people may live at a distance.

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Everything changes after we meet the internet, people can send a message easier through electronic mail. We take many advantages of this phenomenon for sure. People could communicate easily, anywhere and anytime. Somehow do not forget that everything is like a coin which has two sides, good and bad and we have seen the good one.
email manage2There are many people who have a problem with their email, especially their inbox. There are many unimportant mails which just being like a garbage and waste our time. People might get frustrated or get stressed about this.

So, you need to manage your email effectively. The first step that you need to do about how to manage email effectively is setting up the rules of your inbox. You can make folders for different kinds of email. You can set the particular emails that come to your inbox regularly to move to the folder that you have created before automatically.

A nice video on email management available in Youtube, Email Power Tips – Effective Email Management:

So you do not need to move it manually by yourself. It helps you to keep that kind of emails in a folder without cluttering your inbox. It will save your time. Another tips that you can use to manage your email effectively is you need to provide a particular time to check your inbox regularly and remember to reply the emails that need a response so you will not get distracted of the old mails when you receive the new ones. Those are some tips that you can use about how to manage email effectively.