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Top 10 carbon emitting countries

…n, 413322 India, 388321 Japan, 354597 Germany (2), 219177 Canada, 152668 United Kingdom, 150993 South Korea, 129322 Italy, 128220 Top 10 carbon emitting countries in 2008 [thousand metric tons of carbon] China —1922687 United States —1547460 India— 479039 Russian Federation— 435126 Japan —357534 Germany (2) —210480 Canada —153659 United Kingdom —148818 South Korea —142230 Iran —133961…

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Top 10 countries in doing business 2011

…s Doing Business Index ranks 183 countries, it offers sub-national report and comparisons between selected cities. Here the list of countries ranked by the ease of doing business. Singapore Hongkong New Zeland United Kingdom United States Denmark Canada Norway Ireland Australia The Doing business index is developed by IFC, an organization under World Bank’s group. According to IFC, TheDoing Business project aims to measures of business…

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Best countries for business

…’s list isn’t a ranking of economic strength; it measures the ease with which companies can do business, which is not the same thing.” In case of Canada, the high ranking is linked with the policy on falling tax rate. The governments have slashed the corporate tax rate, from 28 per cent in 2000 to 15 per cent in 2012. Here Bloomberg top 10 best countries for business: Hong Kong Canada United States Singapore Australia Germany United

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FreeRice : Game fights hunger

…world hunger by providing rice for hunger people for free. I think this is a smart ways to fight world hunger. Actually, how many people are experiencing hunger right now? I don’t have excact number , but according to United Nations, there are about 25,000 people die every day of hunger or hunger-related causes. One person of each every three of them is child. Fund FreeRice Game Playing FreeRice is fun. FreeRice will display a word and…

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Best countries for business 2012

…e report indicates some best practice such putting procedure online, having a one-stop shop and having no minimum requirement. Here the the list of best countries for doing business 2012: Singapore Hongkong New Zeland United States Denmark Norway United Kingdom Korea Iceland Ireland Doing Business Report highlights that economic activities require good rules that are transparent and accessible for all. “Such regulations should be effi cient,…

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Amazon new facility for new jobs in South Carolina

…s mean new job creation. Why Amazon so brave to put investment in this area? Is this a brilliant 2012 business idea? “South Carolina has been a great home for us and we’re excited to create hundreds of additional jobs in the state,” said Dave Clark, vice president, Amazon Global Customer Fulfillment. According to Bobby Hitt of Secretary of Commerce, the state has a vibrant and growing distribution and logistics sector, and having a company like…