Slicers, newest excel solution for business intelligence

The world most popular spreadsheet application has new feature for business intelligence. It’s call slicers, a visual controls that allow excel 2010 user to quickly and easily filter data in an interactive way. Yes, it only available in latest Microsoft Excel 2010. Slicers float above the , just like charts.

Some reviewers highlight the tool as main reason if user really want to move from previous Excel. There are some changes from Excel 2007, but slicers is one of the stunning change. Users who always optimize their work with charts, pivot table  will benefit more from slicer. Slicers also linkable to pivotchart and cube function — a path to develop interactive dashboards.

Some brief explanation below you may find in online excel training or  in the best selling book on Excel 2010:

Jay Garmon sees the slicer function in business reporting:

Slicers let you build conditional displays into your pivot tables. For example, you may roll up your monthly revenue into a single total and display using a single chart. Slicers could let you break out – or slice – your revenue by source, and display the options on an interactive list of buttons within a report. Click on the Online Sales slicer, for example, and the main chart will shift to display revenue solely from online sales. Click the In-store Sales slicer button, and the chart will shift to display data from In-Store Sales. It’s a simple way to make your pivot table reports more interactive and useful, while saving you the trouble of coding multiple charts.

Here some advantages to use slicers according to excel team blog:

  • it can cross-filter,
  • see what you’re doing at all times
  • easily interact with your data
  • filter multiple PivotTables, PivotCharts, or CUBE functions together
  • put together dashingly handsome reports

In short, excel-training-course-scarlett-data-johanssonslicers look like controls rather than cells –that making your experiencing on data analysis is more fun and interactive.  This tools will let business intelligence with Excel become more easier.  Making business report or business plan 2011 is competitively cost effective with open source business intelligence. However, business owner’ should make an assessment on the capacity building to optimize the use most popular spreadsheet of excel. For certain level, data analysis tool in Excel is listed in advanced class of excel course.

Pivot Table Data Crunching: Microsoft Excel 2010 is one resource book, could be best selling book for Excel 2010 (cmmiw). I recommend you read this instead of attending expensive online excel course. By reading resource book, you simply put in flexible way to learn Excel.

Learning by doing is more easy, fun and impressive 🙂