Slum tourism helps poor people?

Slum tourism found not only in Mumbai, even the Oscar winner movie of Slumdog Millionare set at that area. In Jakarta, as CNN reports, there is such activity transporting foreigner to walk around slum areas, meeting with people saying “I’m running out of rice”.  The organizer said that the tour was about “the other culture meet the other culture”.

Slum or poverty tourism have been criticized, although the organizer or agencies allocating some funds derived from the visitors to the community. I noted Greg Gross’ post saying that

no human being, no matter their circumstance, wants to feel — or be treated like — a zoo exhibit.

Although Greg refers to “Katrina tours” in 2005 when it became big business after the hurricane, but he’s point is about equality.

What should we do to help the poor? A range of activity you can do as in line to overcome the poverty problems.  There are people who working to provide cheap and affordable energy resources such small scale bioenergy and efficient stove, support campaign of climate change adaption as poor people is the most vulnerable of the global warming impacts.Slum tour

You may have many options to help poor people. Help them using good way, not treat them as in an exhibition.  If you want to make a tour, I advise you to enjoying natural adventure. There are so many nice places and beautiful spots in Indonesia, captured by  Pics of traveller.