Slumdog Millionaire and poverty tourism

Slumdog Millionaire sweeps eight Oscars. This winning, however become hot debate in many forums around the world, blogs and our daily conversations. I notice some reactions that highlight poverty tourism in the debates. One of them is in NY Time blogs that addressing the debate and collecting more than 500 comments.

What do you expect on Slumdog Millionaire movie? and what should we do to combat poverty?

Mumbai is one of the most popular place to visit on poverty. The Informed Reader says through word of mouth and the Internet, the tour has become popular. Tour agencies making money through this tourism and promised to donate 80% of the profits to local charities as written by John Lancaster in Smithsonian magazine.

I hope the movie will attract more awareness of helping poor communities such in Mumbai.  Exploiting poor people is insulting humanity not only the people of Mumbai but all people throughout the world.  I believe Vikas Swarup, the writter of the bestselling novel ‘Q and A‘ –novel adapted by the Slumdog Millionaire movie– cares on the poor. He is combating poverty with his own way.

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