Smart blogging

I put this title post just like Zemanta‘s branding. Zemanta is one of the recent blogging tools sites used by thousand bloggers. Now days, there are many blogging sites provided to enhance blogging activism as well as commercial chances. Thus, blogging is now easier than before.

In my previous post, I noticed a tool used to search broken links. LinkTiger is very useful since our site are linked by another sites. Day by day links are increase as well as time taken to maintain the sites. A tool is needed to make our work efficient.

Zemanta will help us in providing links, picture, related articles and tags. Zemanta will generate a photo gallery of related images for each post created. This make “Zemanta gives our blog the good looks it deserves”.

Related links also that showed by Zemanta increase possibility of higher traffic. The readership is one of the most blogger want, so adding relevant links in our post are important. Most links provided by Zemanta are from Wiki and credible sites.

Most platforms are support Zemanta. There are:, self-hosted 2.1,, TypePad, Ning, MySpace, LiveJournal, MovableType, Tumblr and Drupal.

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