Smart business: Putting photos on printed canvas, online

The advance of information technology has changed many people’s behaviour, both in communication and business activities.  Business owners realize that more people are getting connected with internet, play online games, put comments on their friend’s status of social media.  Today, people are experiencing more online features rather than several years ago.

Thanks to the high competition within information and technology industry. It enables developers to create more smart products and services. Because only smart developers and smart business owner will survice in the high competition of world business.

I noticed that business owners who addressing creative ideas from their teamwork will lead to the growing-adaptive business. They will get more sales and sustainable profit.

Here a sample of smart business I found to show that creativity will lead to prospective business in the era of online services

business ideaAs we notice that more feature are now found within internet. In the global network, there are many opportunities to leverage creative business into high-end experiences by putting some services available online. Consumers really enjoy new experiences of the tehcnology advance. Imagine, some years ago we can record voices and images with analog instruments. We put it into the magnetic tapes which very huge requirement on space storage.

Now, voice and image recording has reached a level of efficient digital storages although it saves longer voices and more images. This feature also available online, internet users can save and download their image and voice data files anytime, anywhere. To measure the online digital storage business is prospective or not, you may count how many players are competing. Just google it!

Is there any interesting feature which creativity meets with the advance of technology? Yes, I found a nice-looking website providing canvas prints service. An Australian-based print business GotInk offers large format canvas printing, including photos and arts prints.

The interesting feature is about simplicity. Users will need to upload the photos that will be printed on canvas. Before uploading, a user will offered to choose shape and size. So if we want to print our best moment photos in a large format, we do not necessary to go the studio. The company also provides panoramic canvas in various sizes, from 36 in x 12 in to 72in x 24in. Or maybe you want a multi canvas art size?  Yes, it’s available!