Smart ideas: urban culture business

There are options to pass your time in most enjoying manner.  In urban areas, people are seeking  places providing comfort features to gather and socialize. At the side of urban enterprise, this is a smart idea business to develop a place offering most styling feature for socializing. Sure, at the common places, beverage and food is very important factors.  And they will compete at high gear to provide best food and beverage at best price.

Place for socialize become attracting niche business. It grows as the growth of urban economic , leading to increase the number of higher income population. Business owners seeing the growth as new opportunity because the higher income population has specific demand on such goods and services.  Their demands on services is unique, depending on their urban characteristics. In the multicultural area such in UK’s big cities, each city has different demand services because the population comes various cultures.

In this way, we understand that lifestyle business found in a city could be a representation of the cultures existing in the city area. If we found a nice place providing shisha and hookah, then we can conclude there are significant middle east population in term of number or economically demand in surrounding area.  Shisha and hookah are very popular social passtime for people from middle east.  They like to socialize with their colleague at a place with shisha pipes in hours.

Even some firms could provide the pipes and its accessories at their online stores and tagged it with cheap price. People are enjoy to socialize with others in comfort cafes as well as in their home with shisha and hookah they bought online.

Lifestyle business will provide accommodation as their main product. They have segmented customers who served as guest in the atmosphere of hospitality.  However, key success of the lifestyle business is not merely on the unique culture-based product, but also how the business owner applying guest-host relation in best practices.