Social networking and forests protection efforts

Social network software may become the most important tools as the growing of number internet users throughout the world.

I put highlights of the role of current social networking on the public awareness on sustainable development issues as Jeffrey Sachs noted in his newest book Common Wealth: economics of a crowded planet.

Now, I’m exploring how the social networking used by several environmental NGOs to disseminate their ideas of forests protection. I list four international NGO who engage in Facebook.

  • World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF) : This organization gaining a lot members and attentions of facebook users. WWF has various programs of climate change, energy and forest protection in many countries and ecosystems. I appreciate their works using social network to improve people’s understanding on environmental issues, including forest protection.
  • Conservation International (CI): CI takes opportunity in social networking to create community as well as collecting funds for supporting conservation programs. Online fund raising for conservation program maybe less popular than Barack Obama did.
  • Rainforest Alliance: More than a thousand Facebook users become fans of the organization. This NGO always update their Facebook accounts with their field activities, reports and various practical greening tips. Have your ever think that Rainforest Alliance has connection with Harry Potter?
  • Greenpeace International: In its Facebook account, we can find updates of global campaigns on environmental protection as well as peace promotion. Of the forests related issues, Greenpeace put also attentions on conservation of peat land forest in Indonesia.

Internet users are enjoying social medias with various interests. Many people then demand social network software to build basic tool on achieving wider popularity of their companies, organizations or social projects.

They are hoping that social network software are good option to create online community instantly. However, there are still many companies and organizations used existing social networks for spreading their ideas, brands and events.