Some Tips to Manage PDF Files

At this time, we are going to talk about the tips to manage PDF files. However, before that, let’s talk about the files first. People send their documents in many kinds of files. The common ones are in the form of word, excel, and also pdf. One of the examples here is e-books that are formed in pdf. files.

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Maybe we could not count the number of pdf documents we have on our laptop or PC. So you need to organize your pdf documents library. Let me give you some tips to manage pdf files. You could find some useful web applications or softwares that can help you to manage your pdf files better and easier. They are:

  • Mendeley Desktop, It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and also Linux. You can add more documents into this library manually.
  • Scribd, You can create the free accound by installing the software. After that yo should upload your pdf library online. Set your library private before upload your files. You can use it in both Mac and Windows)
  • Copernic Desktop Search, All the three ways explained above still have the limitation, so you still have another way to manage your pdf files. By using Copernic, you can search the term you search in the document. It is free for home use.

pdf-converter-bestThey are some tips to manage pdf files for you. You can choose one of them as you like. It is important to know more about the application or software that you want to use.

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Each one has its strength and weakness for sure. For instance, if you upload your files online, you can access them from any computer, even from the website like Scribd. That is a strength to have files in online, you can have it anywhere and anytime. These tips to manage pdf files can help you to choose which service that suits you well.