Evergreen Business Ideas in Asia

When deciding on a business idea, evergreen business is the safest idea that guarantees steady consumer demand. Evergreen business can last for a long time as it doesn’t follow specific trend that usually fades during…

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Help rural poor with small scale bioenergy

There are ways of helping rural poor with energy-based projects, such energy efficient cooking stove to small scale bioenergy. A joint study of FAO and DFiD shows, when produced on a small-scale in local communities,…


Tips for conserving water

Did you know there are about 1.2 billion people live in river basins with absolute water scarcity? And a further 1.5 billion people suffer from inadequate access to water because of a lack of infrastructure….

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China and carbon trade

I think China will become the most powerful country in coming years, as the US and its alliances are experiencing slow-down economic rate and debt-crisis. The powerful country roles as trend setter in world economic…

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Fuelling online business with creativity

In the world of complex connection where now people may tie business and politics, politics with culture, culture with economy, economy with education – all thinks are connected –we are now reaching so-called matching era….