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Global warming issues and agroforestry adoption

Promoting agroforestry could be better option for rural poor in combating global warming issues. Agroforestry have been practiced for ages but less recognized by many governments. In agroforestry practice, farmers are benefits farm yield as…

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Road to Copenhagen: In search of certainty

Reading a recent article of NY Times on global climate deal, I noted that more uncertainty is raising and shown by industrial countries.  It seems that they try to present good message to global society,…


Tips for conserving water

Did you know there are about 1.2 billion people live in river basins with absolute water scarcity? And a further 1.5 billion people suffer from inadequate access to water because of a lack of infrastructure….

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Global Green New Deal

In fighting of global economic recession, a greening of fiscal stimulus packages should be considered.  I think this is an important massage for the leaders of most powerful economic gathering in The London Summit 2009….

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Halloween chocolate: a sweet gift from south

The most popular food and searched by hundreds in recent week maybe a kind of Halloween chocolate. Although there are many stuff  like hallowen costume, signs, candles or lollipops halloween chocolate has unique story behind…