top countries 2014

Biggest economies in the world

A latest report released by World Bank suggests new figure on biggest economy in the world. It also shows how six largest middle income economies account for 32.3 percent of world GDP: China, India, Russia,…


Riau Haze welcomes Earth Hour 2014

Haze in Riau, Indonesia has increased to dangerous level as global movement of Earth Hour will conducted in next few days. ¬†This year, Earth Hour is raising fund for environmental program in Indonesia and Madagascar….

fuel subsidy

How to measure global fuels subsidies

There are countries providing fuels under current market price through subsidies mechanism. Check out the following countries: Saudi Arabia, Venezuale, Iran, Indonesia and Egypt. Obviously, Fuel subsidies have a large impact on government budgets Hence…

security tools

Top Countries on Cyber-Attack Powerhouse 2013

Here the latest list on cyber-attack powerhouse 2013, as released by Akamai Technology study. The study¬†showing a sudden shift for Indonesia, which accounted for less than 1 percent of online assaults in the fourth quarter…