best business country

Best countries for business

January 25, 2014 iip albanjary 0

Bloomberg just released a list of countries for business. Similiar to Forbes’s list or “Doing Business” World Bank list, it shows assessment result for running business. If you have any […]

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Affordable food

October 14, 2011 iip albanjary 0

I agree with argument on the development of biofuel threatening Indonesia food security. It happen mainly through land conversion. In the next decades, biofuel crops will dominate agricultural land and […]

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Global Green New Deal

October 3, 2011 iip albanjary 0

In fighting of global economic recession, a greening of fiscal stimulus packages should be considered.  I think this is an important massage for the leaders of most powerful economic gathering […]

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World richest countries 2011

February 23, 2011 iip albanjary 2

It’s not difficult to predict which countries sit in the richest grup in 2011. The members are not quit moving around, from rich-oil countries and industrialized ones. Here we’ll see […]