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Best countries for business

Bloomberg just released a list of countries for business. Similiar to Forbes’s list or “Doing Business” World Bank list, it shows assessment result for running business. If you have any opportunities to start the business…

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Best countries for business 2012

Here the recent list of best business countries for 2012.  The list was made by World Bank Group providing nicely information for businessman or companies to search new country or expanding its business. Word Bank…

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Affordable food

I agree with argument on the development of biofuel threatening Indonesia food security. It happen mainly through land conversion. In the next decades, biofuel crops will dominate agricultural land and decreasing forest land. Today I…

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Global Green New Deal

In fighting of global economic recession, a greening of fiscal stimulus packages should be considered.  I think this is an important massage for the leaders of most powerful economic gathering in The London Summit 2009….

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Simple ways to choose laptop

Have a plan to buy laptop? Currently this type of computer might be less popular than tablet. But laptop or notebook has advances than tablet computer.  There are simple ways to choose laptop, and below…

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World richest countries 2011

It’s not difficult to predict which countries sit in the richest grup in 2011. The members are not quit moving around, from rich-oil countries and industrialized ones. Here we’ll see the list made by IMF…