Tips for conserving water

October 6, 2011 iip albanjary 0

Did you know there are about 1.2 billion people live in river basins with absolute water scarcity? And a further 1.5 billion people suffer from inadequate access to water because […]

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How to increase level of wealth

May 20, 2011 iip albanjary 0

Natural resources are important asset for low-income countries. According to World Bank, close to one-third of the wealth of low-income countries comes from their natural capital which includes forests, protected […]

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2011 idea: Considering biofuel business

January 14, 2011 iip albanjary 0

A recent paper published by CIFOR indicates that developing countries have a competitive advantage for cultivating biofuel feedstock. Developing countries have land that agro-ecologically suitable. The paper describes that in […]