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Best countries for business 2012

Here the recent list of best business countries for 2012.  The list was made by World Bank Group providing nicely information for businessman or companies to search new country or expanding its business. Word Bank…


Tips for conserving water

Did you know there are about 1.2 billion people live in river basins with absolute water scarcity? And a further 1.5 billion people suffer from inadequate access to water because of a lack of infrastructure….

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Interesting facts on Indonesia electricity

Energy security is important part for business to run their operation. A government must maintain its energy supply for economic activities or business interests –in this way, doing business in a country will be easier….

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How to increase level of wealth

Natural resources are important asset for low-income countries. According to World Bank, close to one-third of the wealth of low-income countries comes from their natural capital which includes forests, protected areas, agricultural lands, energy and…

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2011 idea: Considering biofuel business

A recent paper published by CIFOR indicates that developing countries have a competitive advantage for cultivating biofuel feedstock. Developing countries have land that agro-ecologically suitable. The paper describes that in Asia, almost all suitable land…

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Use more natural gas to reduce GHG emission

Indonesia has abundance natural gas reserves, but less in consumption. According to a recent World Bank study, a greater use of natural gas can help the Indonesian government reach its target of reducing greenhouse gas…