Taking benefit from the growing Android smartphone market

Android smartphone gets growing users recently. Some surveys indicate how the new users were interested to the open source system, hoping for the lower price and its variety, availability apps. Both in US and Japan, Android combined with iPhone have dominated the market of smartphone operating system.

Nielsen survey on May found that majority of mobile consumers in US now using smartphone. Among the smartphone users, about 38% using Android as operating system followed by Apple iPhone 27% and RIM BlackBerry as 21%.

How to take benefit from the growing android smartphone market?

The growing of android users may happen because of the openness in design configuration and growing faster in content size. According to Martens J.K.J of University of Twente, of the android system, the user value is high because of differentiation of the market offering by exclusive content and lower effort to create content for developers.

Above facts should be a sign of the increase on apps creation and content business. Most of the smartphone users, says Nielsen survey are actually taking advance of the device capabilities. It found that the use of  Wi-Fi increases 10-fold from 5% for feature phone owners to 50% for smartphone users to satisfy the need for fast downloads.

The high variety of apps and capability of  fast download characterize Android smarthpone attractiveness. This is an opportunity to create online business service, open-source based, for smartphone users. An application that enable users to buy and sell online, supported by real time feature may fit the current growing smartphone market in the country.