Taylor Lautner and funny internet hoax

Taylor Lautner photosTaylor Lautner is not the first of the victim of internet hoax.

Internet hoax become widely easy to create (and find how to crack it) since massive use of social media. Fake cover is a type of hoaxes created using most recent image engineering applications.

Some of them maybe available in the net for the purpose of joke and funny activities.

Twilight star Taylor Lautner fell victim to an internet hoax after a doctored People magazine cover that suggested he was gay spread on social-media sites like Twitter and Facebook, as reported by MontrealGazette. Not so long to wait, People magazine released a statement saying  that it’s a fake.   People spokeswoman Julie Farin told Reuters, “This began as a ridiculous Twitter joke that went viral.” Farin said that its”100 percent fake.”  

I don’t find any commercial motive of creating fake magazine cover hoaxes. At some points, it will decrease of victim popularity. So a hoax is bad PR.