The most vulnerable cities to climate change in Southeast Asia

I highlight the report of Economy and Environment Program of Southeast Asia (EEPSEA) issued weeks ago. The report was made based on the study that identifies the region’s most vulnerable to climate change in Southeast Asia.
The study covers 530 sub-national areas which consist of 341 districts in Indonesia, 19 provinces in Cambodia, 17 provinces in Lao PDR, 14 areas in Malaysia, 14 provinces in the Philippines,72 provinces in Thailand, and 53 provinces in Vietnam.
I quote the result for top 10 cities below.

  1. Central  Jakarta (Indonesia)
  2. North Jakarta (Indonesia)
  3. West Jakarta (Indonesia)
  4. Mondol Kiri (Cambodia)
  5. East Jakarta (Indonesia)
  6. Rotano Kiri (Cambodia)
  7. National Capital Region (Philippine)
  8. South Jakarta (Indonesia)
  9. Kota Bandung (Indonesia)
  10. Kota Surabaya (Indonesia)
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