The Power of We, The Power of Richest

the power of we blog action day 2012 I like to join collective action that encourage a better world. They move to make our earth more friendlier, more healthier by doing useful action.  See what the bloggers do on Blog Action Day 2012.

They spread changing collectivism in which we start improvement or highlight what others done with their positive action such reducing poverty or saving tropical rainforest in Sumatra and Kalimantan.

This year, Blog Action Day will be celebrated on October 15, 2012. A few days more. More NGOs are participating in this effort such Greenpeace and OXFAM.

Through this event, I imagine about the  “collectivism between the richest”. Every year, there’s report that reveal a list of the most richest on earth.  Guess, if they meet together talking idea of reducing poverty or saving rainforest…? I’m sure that what they’re talking won’t be the barrier of fund and resources. They have a lot of funds, resources to mobilize and everything to help. But, do they really want to meet, make a commitment and then implemented?

I’m not sure. But, we are living on in-equal world. A few people on earth own more than half of total wealth on earth. More people are below poverty line or experiencing extreme hunger.

Let’s join Blog Action Day. Make our earth better.