The richest man in Canada 2011

This year, Forbes richest list has new figure; the number world’s billionaires are increasing; from 1011 persons in last year to 1210 billionaires in 2011.

So what happened to the global economy last year could be presented in the 2011 forbest richest list. The rising price on steel as well as the oil has lifting the wealth of several billionares. Heating economy on China and India has altering billionares’s position. It’s noted, there are 648 billionares who lifted their wealth.

If some industries get their luck, what happen to the billionaire Canadians? Here is the 2011 richest person from Canada:

  • David Thomson & family (23B)
  • Galen Weston & family (7.1B)
  • Jim Pattison (5.8B)
  • Paul Desmarais (4.5B)
  • James & Artur Irving (3.5B)
  • Emanuele Saputo (3.4B)
  • Jeffrey Skoll (3.2 B)
  • David Azrieli & familiy (3.1B)
  • Bernard Sherman (2.9B)
  • Robert Miller(2.5B)

This is my personal opinion:

  • The Canadians richest are coming from various industries, presenting a figure of advanced economy. Look at the China and south economy, most of them have sent billionare from extractive industries
  • The strange on Canadian richest list is about the young billionaire: its only Jefrey Skoll who owning the most popular online auction. Skoll sits in a row of internet technology industries owners who dominated by people under 50! (I wonder, why Canada only have Skoll from the internet industry…as developed economy, Canada should send more ‘skoll’s to the world richest list)