The richestman in Hongkong

Half of top 10 richest man in Hongkong are real estate businessman and old!  Only one out of ten is under 45.  Forbes richest list 2011 put Dustin Moskovitz of Facebook as the youngest billionaire in the world at 26.

The 10 richest man of Hongkong is part of the 332 billionaires. Last year, the number of billionares in Asia Pacific region was 234 persons valued at $729 (this year worth $996).

Here the Hongkong richest persons:

  1. Li Ka-shing ($26 B)
  2. Kwok Thomas & Raymond & family ($20 B)
  3. Lee Shau Kee ($19 B)
  4. Cheng Yu-tung ($9 B)
  5. Joseph Lau ($6.3 B)
  6. Michael Kadoorie & family ($6.1 B)
  7. Zhang Zhirong ($5.4 B)
  8. Peter Woo & family ($5.1 B)
  9. William Fung ($4.4 B)
  10. Chee Chen Tung & family ($4.2 B)

Li Ka-shing (82) and Michael Kadoorie (70) establish its wealth from diversified business, a common strategy to secure wealth and investment. Four the Hongkong richestman obtain their wealth in real estate business –a sector that grow along the economic development of a country.

Some interesting facts of richest list

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