The richestman in Japan 2011

This country just hit by three disasters in in sequence: largest earthquake, tsunami and nuclear leakage. The global economy could be affected because of the disasters as the country industry facing power generation crisis in coming months.

It’s unclear how the automotive industry will cope with the impact of the disasters. Automotive industry has been developing the world economy and Japan is the main player.

But, the interesting is that top richest man in Japan is not coming from automotive industry! The top 10 of Forbest rich list shows retails business (include online retail) taking two seat. Both real estates and game-related business also sends two wealthiest men in the top.

Here the richest Japanese in 2011:

  • Masayoshi Son
  • Tadashi Yanai & family
  • Akira Mori & family
  • Kunio Busujima & family
  • Hiroshi Mikitani
  • Hiroshi Yamauchi
  • Takemitsu Takizaki
  • Eitaro Itoyama
  • Katsumi Tada
  • Masahiro Miki

The Japan is also well known on the hi-tech industry. However, there is only one richest Japanese (in top 10) utilizing online media to create its asset. As seen in richest Canadian list (and the whole list), the richest who run online business mostly under 50 years old.