Thinking of green calling

In coming weeks there are two events related to global warming: earth hour and earth day.  In the earth hour, people are advised to switch the lights off for sixty minutes.  This is not only global campaign of energy saving. People around the world are reminded about dirty energy of coal using in most power plants.

In the earth day, we are encouraged to take actions in making the earth cleaner and greener.   Taking action individually is important after we join groups or social networking that spread those environmental campaigns.

Some options may take when we are online:

  • When you are webmaster, webhosting  companies that operate energy saving  devices and systems is  better
  • When you search online services, choose web services companies that purchase carbon credit. The credit is used to support climate change programs.
  • When you engage with internet banking, choose banks that financing the development of green property

There are lots of resources to search various services. In the VOIP business, there are also green VOIP campaigns in which advice users to choose VOIP services that employ energy saving devices and systems.

If you are searching about VOIP services, some VOIP Reviews are exist to provide us relevant information.  Read VOIP Reviews and get the best DSL service from Spectrotel. You can also find Spectrotel’s profile there.

Green calling is part of protecting our environment by reducing emission from energy used for powering the communication activities. Green calling should be familiar or legally recognized in a richest country in the world 2011 such Qatar– to anticipate the higher cost of communication.

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