Scarlett Johansson leaked pics incidence

Scarlett Johansson tops on the global searched list after her private pictures leaked, shocked public. Leaked private incidence isn’t the first time for a public figure such Scarlett Johansson. We have found others celebrities, politicians, top businessman experienced the similiar incidence.

Leaked private pictures incidence should alerts us about security system featured in our smartphone as well as tablet computers. Nowadays, there are too many features attached to our communication tools, from camera, radio or even simple GPS receiver (Did you know, there are GPS devices for fishing, marine activities?)

Alerts on leaked private pictures should be directed to our family member. In this way, I support to the movement of prudent internet use and family-friendly internet. Internet should be save for our children, as well as improving family value and knowledge. We need to develop and share simple tips of healthy internet

The simple tips as we found in every Earth day celebration  These simple thinks are doable for around the house. Some resources recommends how to maintain our apartment and house with assistance from professional services. But, actually little thinks are better done by ourselves.

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