Tips for Business Travellers in Singapore

best business office city

Singapore has efficient infrastructure, skilled workforce, good corporate governance, and English-speaking population, making it one of the top business destinations in Asia. For the best outcome when doing business there, here are some business travel tips to Singapore.

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Business Cards
One of the most important business travel tips to Singapore is that business cards should always be carried, because they are exchanged during social meetings and business. Presenting it with both hands is advisable as it is a common Asian practice.

Visit Timing
Chinese Year that usually falls sometime in January or February is not the best time to visit, because just like Canadians at Christmas, most Singaporeans are out of town at this time as they prefer to spend the holiday with their families.

best business office city

CultureQuest: Doing Business in Singapore

Business Etiquette
These business travel tips to Singapore include a few etiquettes that should be followed.

  • Take time to learn Asian courtesies and be professional and courteous at all times.
  • As Asia customs really appreciate time, try to always be punctual for meetings.
  • Jackets are optional during meetings. The best option is long-sleeved shirts and ties for men, while women should dress conservatively.
  • During business meetings, never touch, hug, or kiss a person of the opposite sex as Asian people tend to be more conservative.