Tips for conserving water

Did you know there are about 1.2 billion people live in river basins with absolute water scarcity? And a further 1.5 billion people suffer from inadequate access to water because of a lack of infrastructure. The numbers are taken from World Development Report 2008 published by the World Bank. Some areas face the greatest water shortages such Middle East, North Africa and Asia.

Because of climate change, there are more frequent droughts and increasing water scarcity throughout the world. People in developing countries providing food from agriculture must deal with climate change. And what happen to people in more developed countries? Do they really aware on water issues?

Cover of  If so, how they deal with water consumption? Alex leigh has tips to save water consumption as well as cut its bill. I summarized it for you:

  • Always check for leaks
  • Take shorter and efficient showers
  • Turn off the faucet when brushing
  • Use dishwater since it more efficient than hand washing
  • Full loads are the most efficient way to wash clothes
  • Adjust the sprinklers so water keeps on the landscape

Another way to conserve water is by monitoring it with a flow meter.  It will help us to provide accurate information of water use.

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