Tips to Organize Our Data From the Internet

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I bet you do not want to see a messy bedroom or a dirty kitchen. It happens too when we have huge data or files that should be organized in order to make them neat and tidy. Being a well-organized person will never give us bad impact, on the other hand it gives us benefits, one of them is we could find our files or data easily when we need them in hurry. For you who agree with this, just read the simple tips about how to organize data from internet which are described as below:

Group Division

pdf-converter-bestFirst thing that comes to my brain when I hear about how to organize data from internetis grouping. Dividing our data into several groups is important. It is very effective to help us in organizing our data. The first step in dividing data is make a  list of group names that will work for us. You can set some folders with names on it in your email for example.

If you are a student, you might group your files based on the subjects you have. You can also make the sub-groups which are named based on the things you do. For example, group named Maths has two sub-groups, they are named as notes and homework. You can do that based on your needs. It could be the simplest tips to organize our data from the internet.

If you’re working with Mac computer, then you can use Devontechnologies products (DEVONagent Express, DEVONsphere Express and DEVONthink Personal)  in knowledge management. It has features to organize and more making faster in working with many internet-files (email, web page etc).

File Naming and Renaming

If you have already divided your data in groups, you have to name your files correctly. It is not only a name of the files, but also the format of the document, whether it is a doc., pdf., and jpg., or others. If you have named them, then you can rename your files with another suitable title that you think it is easier to find. You can use some tools that you can find from the internet to rename your files for free, such as:


They are the simple tips about how to organize data from internet.