Top 10 failed countries 2012

Our world has been shaped by unsteady powers for thousand years. They raise in South, then collapse in North decades later. The come from East to West leaving steps of civilization. Hundred years later, a from of states, nation or country rapidly grown. Most new countries reflect the identify of power from a nation with similar region, ethnic or even religion. Just like a living creature who experiencing a period of turning path, a country may experience a period of failure. Thanks for the latest expert list on Top Failed Countries 2012.

Learning this list, we’re facing the black side of our world.  At the other side, we have heard about some nicer place to live such the cleanest countries, the richest countries, the happiest countries 2012 and best countries for doing business.

This year, FSI lists 178 countries using 12 social, economic, and political indicators of pressure. Along with that there are more than hundred of sub-indicators.

The list of Top 10 failed countries is extracted from the index made by The Fund For Peace (FFP).The 2012 Failed States Index released is eighth edition. FSI publishes annually and it highlights global political, economic and social pressures experienced by studied countries.

Here the list of Top 10 failed countries 2012:

  1. Somalia
  2. Congo
  3. Sudan –South Sudan
  4. Chad
  5. Zimbabwe
  6. Afghanistan
  7. Haiti
  8. Yemen
  9. Iraq
  10. Central African Republic

According to FFP, the indicators relevant with some issues such as Uneven Development, State Legitimacy, Group Grievance, and Human Rights.

Each indicator is rated on a scale of 1-10, based on the analysis of millions of publicly available documents, other quantitative data, and assessments by analysts. A high score indicates high pressure on the state, and therefore a higher risk of instability