Top 10 Happiest Jobs in US 2012

If we just heard about the happiest countries on earth, then we see there’re happiest jobs as well. Career expert just released a report related to the happiest jobs in US, based on reviews from more than 100 hundred employee up ton early 2012.

What’s affecting a job so the workers is satisfied with their current position? Is it about salary? Workplace environment? Or workload level?

Let see the 2012 top 10 happiest jobs in US as found by the recent assessment:

  1. Software Quality Assurance Engineer
  2. Executive Chef
  3. Property Manager
  4. Teller
  5. Warehouse Manager
  6. Administrative Assistant
  7. Customer Service Representative
  8. Accountant
  9. Systems Engineer
  10. Construction Manager

“Since we tend to spend more waking hours working than doing anything else, our work happiness is a huge factor in our overall happiness,” says CareerBliss’ chief executive, Heidi Golledge in Forbes.

The assessment was done by CareerBliss who asked the respondents  to rate 10 factors that affect workplace happiness, including one’s relationship with the boss and co-workers, work environment, job resources, compensation, growth opportunities, company culture, company reputation, daily tasks, and control over the work one does on a daily basis.

CareerBliss found that many people appreciate their jobs more in a down economy.  What’ else they found? Read the full story at the happiest jobs in us here.

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