Top 10 most well-read cities

recommended summer reading beautiful ruins in most read-cities
Here the top most well-read cities in US 2012. The list is created by Amazon to rank the cities with the highest sales on book, newspaper and magazine. Amazon also took into account the sales from its mobile device, Kindle.

By analyzing the sales data, Amazon also found that each city has unique characteristics (or can we called it as preference?). In Cambride, the books under business and investment category was the most sold. Compare to Berkeley where the residents prefer to purchased Travel books.

Beautiful Ruins: A Novel is one of the recommended books on Summer Reading 2012. What do you think? How many readers of the novel stay on the following cities?

See the list of  top 10 most well-read cities as published recently:

  1. Alexandria, Va.
  2. Cambridge, Mass.
  3. Berkeley, Calif.
  4. Ann Arbor, Mich.
  5. Boulder, Colo
  6. Miami
  7. Arlington, Va
  8. Gainesville, Fla
  9. Washington, D.C
  10. Salt Lake City

According to Amazon, the data was collected from June 1, 2011, on a per capita basis in cities with more than 100,000 residents.

“As the summer reading season gets into full swing, we’re excited to reveal our second annual Most Well-Read Cities list,” said Chris Schluep, Senior Editor of Books, in its press release.  Schluep highlighted that  we are truly a nation of readers, with representation on this list from every region of the country.