Top activities of media tablet users

Seeing what media tablet users do with their device is important to form more-focused product or services.  In coming years, it’s predicted that mobile device –including smartphone and tablet PC — will become more popular.

A latest report forecasts the shipment of tablet PC that will reach 424.9 million units by 2017 from 81.6 million units last year —

Let see what media tablet users do with their device as reported by Gartner recently. Gartner released the latest survey that conducted in US, UK and Australia. Here the top activities of media tablet users:

  1. Checking email (81 percent )
  2. Reading the news (69 percent)
  3. Checking the weather forecast (63 percent)
  4. Social networking (62 percent)
  5. Gaming (60 percent)

Any business ideas can be gathered from above list to target on media tablet users. You can offers tablet apps using email marketing method instead of develop blogs or advertise in PPC company.

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Offering news update related to local or region where the users stay also feasible. Google loves local business as well.

Develop interactive and lucrative game specialized for tablet device seems prospective to create more profit. If the game can be played at social media, then it also more attractive for investors. Tablet users like to share and update their status.

“The rapid adoption of media tablets is substantively changing how consumers access, create and share content,” said Carolina Milanesi research vice president at Gartner.

What else?