Top Countries on Cyber-Attack Powerhouse 2013

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hacking countryHere the latest list on cyber-attack powerhouse 2013, as released by Akamai Technology study. The study showing a sudden shift for Indonesia, which accounted for less than 1 percent of online assaults in the fourth quarter of last year.

Here the top country of Cyber-Attack Powerhouse 2013:

  • China -34% 
  • Indonesia -21% 
  • United States -8.3%
  • Turkey -4.5% 
  • Russia -2.7% 
  • India -2.6% 
  • Taiwan -2.5% 
  • Brazil -2.2% 
  • Romania-2% 
  • Hong Kong -1.6%

According to Bloomberg, Indonesia, Hong Kong and India were the only places in the top 10 where the volume of attacks increased compared with the previous quarter, according to the report. The study is based on traffic flowing through Akamai’s network, which companies use to help speed the delivery of online content.

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