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list-topI list some interesting stuffs, most of them are nominated either in the area of ‘recommended’  or top service, fabulous product. Find what you looking for and learn what they offers. I’m focusing on some areas such greening issues, smart technology and nice business.

By compiling this issues, I’d like to share for you, hoping the best benefits for wider audience. So, do hesitate to share with your facebook or twitter and provide me input to improve this blog.

Listing on Greening lifestyle, products and all efforts to save our warmed earth

  1. Best books on deforestation
  2. List of countries with the highest carbon emission
  3. Facts and finding about REDD
  4. List of interesting facts about world’s forest
  5. List of findings on air pollution study in US
  6. List of happiest jobs in US
  7. List of national goals on GHG emission
  8. List of cities with good habit on reading

Listing on Smart technology development, personal products, nice home appliances

  1. List of free antivirus
  2. List of selected software to track android phone
  3. List of mobile device, see my selection on tablet here
  4. List of backup recovery software
  5. List of cloud computing service
  6. Alternate pc tablet to compete with New iPad
  7. List of selected HDTV
  8. List of discount on portable air conditioner

Listing on Business: opportunities, ideas, software and tips

  1. Reliable webhosting service
  2. Business opportunities
  3. Guide to business-ideas articles
  4. Online business ideas
  5. Business ideas on energy commodities
  6. Software to improve your business
  7. List of Business intelligence reading
  8. Creativity factors in online business