Best books about deforestation

There are many readings which can enrich our understanding about deforestation. Recently, deforestation always linked to climate change issue.

Scientist writes about tropical deforestation that happened in developing countries, leading to huge carbon emission in past years. Such emission is known as main cause of warming in earth’s atmosphere. It’s global warming.

logging-road-in-lowland-tropicalIn fact, forest stands in the area where environmentalists and business interests meet. Global trends have shown that demand on biofuel as response of declining fossil fuel supply adding more stresses to tropical forests. Agriculture expansions for biofuel production emerge in developing countries.

NGO activits, scientists working for development and environmental interest are trying to find out new resolution addressing social and economics issues around the hot spots. Their efforts ranging from public campaign using stunning ads, REDD mechanism to research-trial on payment of environmental services.

Here some books I listed that seems good to improve our understanding about deforestation causes, issues etc.

  1. Deforestation in Ethiopia (August 2010, 84p, english, $45 )
  2. ÉVALUATION ET CARTOGRAPHIE DE LA DÉFORESTATION AU KATANGA (French Edition) (July 2010, 92p, french, paperback, $49 )
  3. Avoided Deforestation: Prospects for Mitigating Climate Change (Routledge Explorations in Environmental Economics) (May 2009, 272p, english, hardcover, $136 )
  4. Logjam: Deforestation and the Crisis of Global Governance (Earthscan Forestry Library)(Nov 2008, 330p, english, paperback, $40.46 )
  5. Deforesting the Earth: From Prehistory to Global Crisis, An Abridgment (Sept 2006, 520p, english, paperback, $18.25 )
  6. Sustainable Agriculture in Brazil: Economic Development and Deforestation (New Horizons in Environmental Economics) (Feb 2000, 160p, english, hardcover, $100 )