Top online business ideas from recent internet survey

Looking for fresh ideas for your online business? Have a plan to develop new website, blog or online store? I suggest you being more specific and reading the relevant recent survey on internet usage.

Previous posting suggested some internet business idea can be drawn from social media usage statistic. They recorded their users’ preferences to gather better insight of social media user’s behavior. This information is important to engage with potential sponsors, advertisers or investors.

Now let see what comScore has done with the research on internet usage recently.  The study ranked the website categories by the number unique visitors:

  1. Car rental
  2. Taxes
  3. Flowers, gift,greetings
  4. Humor
  5. Health care
  6. Beauty, Fashio, Style
  7. Lotto/Sweepstakes
  8. Government
  9. Information
  10. Airline

The rank of website categories might be change from time to time. The research analyzed that the fastest growing web category was Car Rental (up 69 percent from the previous month). This is related to the growth in monthly visitation to Paris-based European rental car company property Europcar,, and Priceline subsidiary

The internet usage study shows

In preparation for an annual income tax filing deadline at the end of May, properties in the Taxes category also saw an increase in visitation of 50 percent. Finally, as Mother’s Day approached for France, properties purveying flowers, presents, and e-cards in the Flowers/Gifts/Greetings category saw an increase of 43 percent”

ComScore also pubslihed top web properties most frequently visited.