Total Solar Eclipse 2017: Top Resource List

Total solar eclipse 2017 would be special. If you’re not familiar with this events, then you may visit the folowing resource that providing facts, FAQ and even savety tips.

NASA Eclipse 2017

Here’s the most complete resource of solar eclipse 2017. You may find plentiful information, science-based evidence and savety tips. NASA also shows maps which showing eclipse path.

AAS Eclipse

American Astronomycal Society (AAS) is one of the prominent organization in astronomy science. There are some useful information provided by AAS. MAP, events related-eclipse, and savety tips as well.

Eclipse Megamovie 2017

An interesting project assmbled by Google, University of California, Berkeley aim to “archive photos of the rare event for use by scientists studying the sun’s atmosphere, or corona, which is only visible from Earth during a total solar eclipse.” The project envolves 1500 trained volunters who will upload telephoto images taken throughout totality, as well as before and after the event.

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