Touch technology business in 2011

In coming years there will more gadget using touch-screen technology. That was predicted by experts as they see how the market responding recent tablet computer product. People are curios how benefiting from the tablet computer and computer producers see a 2011 new business opportunity.

Let see the touch screen technology products inside the market and choose what is your favorite one: Apple iPad (1 and 2), iPhone (1 to 4 series), Samsung Galaxy or Android cell phones?

Wait, is touch screen technology become new magnet for new computer tablet business? The technology is not really new!Lendino of PCMag reviews the touch screen technology as  “nothing new”.  He said about the old pen-based graphics tablets for the Atari 800 and Apple IIe in the 1980s or early stylus-based handhelds like the Apple Newton and the PalmPilot in the 1990s. “Those latter devices contained pressure-sensitive resistive screens which consisted of two separate layers and worked best with a plastic or metal stylus”.

CES 2011 has showed promising touch-screen products, here a few of  them:

  • Motorolla Atrix 4G
  • Toshiba Libretto W100
  • Hitachi Displays
  • LG Venus VX8800
  • Wistron PDA dual-net phone GW4
  • Samsung’s YP-H1 portable media player
  • ASUS Videophone Touch AiGuru SV1T

So what will happen when the touch screen technology continues to grow and applied in more products? For software developers, this is smart business idea to create new touch-screen application for new products.

Big producers have been creating improved touch screen products, and we as user, is begin to adapt with new habit. I’m sure, product with easy-to-use design will lead in the market.