Twitter: How creative works benefit to your business

I still believe that creativity has significant role in business. It’s not only in advertising on both online and conventional business (non-paperless information industries). Thus, creativity contributes positive impacts on selling rate of online stores. Creativity that make the contents always fresh and original also attract high traffic of  running blogs. Creativity used in social network sites allow users to enjoy more interesting of communication sharing.

Twitter, an emerging social network, was born by creativity works instead. Some people said this one is a type of micro-blogging technologies. You will find your self, as Lateral Action said,  in the midst of a crowd of people dashing in all directions. It’s similar to SMS technology that made available for public.

People are really enjoying the technology. After creating account in a few steps, then you can write a response on question: “What is your doing?” with 140 characters. Send it and people who following you will read it, and maybe some of them will response it in the same way:  short.

Simple ideas, huh? Yeah, the simple idea of public chit-chat are now become global trends. According to the State of the Twittersphere report,  there are about 5 millions users! Each day, 5 to 10 thousand new people join Twitter.

So, how can twitter help your business? I summarize some views of that

  • Twitter is crammed full of ideas. Valued it as new input that will improve your product quality
  • Cut distance between you and your customers, readers or users. Say something and give them quick responses
  • Spread your ideas and get their response quicker
  • Optimize your chit chat with another favorite twitter services such twittAd, twitterFox, tweetlater etc
  • At last, maintaining tweeter activities (eg. make some schedules, conversation) will attract more traffics.
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