Use Excel List for Data Analysis

What make data analysis become easier? If we recognize features of Microsoft Excel, we found that create a list is more powerful to get insight of data analysis. The related data groups can be managed and analyzed well.

The most popular function of Micorofot Excel list is filter. By filtering columns, we can analyzed contained data within the list by the size (if it is a value type), sorting alphabetcally (if it is text data) or even create a pivot table report.

Managing Excel list is simple. A dataset of list table can be added or modify it. A worksheet can be contains several lists. Excel list consists of these elements: header row, border, asterik row, computation row and resize handle.  The header row could be renamed and has a sign used to filter the data in each column.
How to make a list?

First, select the data you want to make the list, then find the feature:

  • Microsoft Excel 2003: Data>List>Create List
  • Microsoft Excel 2007:  There’s no button of Excel List in the Ribbon, Microsoft has renamed Excel List but the feature is still working. In MS Excel 2007, the list feature called Excel Tables.  So, find Insert in the Ribbon and choose Table command in Tables group.
  • Shortcut: CTRL+L (this shortcut still running in MS Excel 2007)