How to Use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in Easy Way

How to use optical character recognition (OCR)? Most people often ask about it. Before you know how to use OCR, you need to know what OCR is. OCR is commonly used when you want convert images or pictures with text into text. You can easy add images in your PDF file too.

Soda PDF Professional +OCR

For all of you who don’t know how to use OCR in Adobe Acrobat, you will find information here.

hacking countryFor all of you who use Acrobat 8, you need to can your text first from the software. It is the first step that you must do when you want to know How to use optical character recognition (OCR). You need to check “make searchable or run OCR” first. You can also rotate your file in easy way when you can’t run your text.

You just need to click scan from Acrobat and then choose your file, create your PDF and then choose from scanner.

FineReader 11 Professional Edition – Download version

How to use optical character recognition (OCR) when you want to do text on an image? You just need to do simple steps too. What you need to do is just choosing file, creating PDF, choosing “from file” and then you can run OCR program in easy way.