Vote “Nothing Wasted” in BBC World Challenge 2009

“Nothing Wasted” enables people to compost organic waste from traditional markets. “Nothing Wasted” aims to convert waste produced from traditional market to be affordable high quality fertilizer for farmers. Everyday, traditional markets in Indonesia produces tonnes of waste which about 70 to 90 per cent is organic matters. Since it began in 2007, “Nothing Wasted” has been introduced to more than 30 districts throughout Indonesia.
Now, the program of “Nothing Wasted” is nominated in BBC World Challenge 2009. It is in the nomination which comprise of 12 programs from various countries. All candidates has been selected from 900 participants. This is why you should vote for “Nothing Wasted” on BBC World Challenge 2009:

  1. “Nothing Wasted” is the only eco-innovative program that involve many local governments enabling to benefit more people.
  2. nothing wasted bbc world challenge 2009Nothing Wasted” systematically provides social benefits by producing high quality fertilizer for farmers
  3. Nothing Wasted” has impact on health and sanitation improvement, especially in traditional market area
  4. In each point of processing, “Nothing Wasted” employs 4-6 labors, thus generating additional income as well as reducing unemployment
  5. Converting organic waste to fertilizer is reducing methane emissions. “Nothing Wasted” also contributes in fighting on global warming
  6. Nothing Wasted” assists local government in waste management

To vote “Nothing Wasted”, just visit BBC World Challenge 2009 or simply click the following link:

Vote for “Nothing Wasted”