World richest countries 2012

The world richest countries rank list in this 2012 put Qatar back after dropped to 3rd position last year. World richest countries 2012 list has created world’s citizen new way of look; both on their own country and the countries within.

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This top 10 richest countries list is selected by Forbes using credible data and methodology.

However, we aware some institutions also maintain similar figure on rich countries list such IMF and World Bank.

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Here the list of World richest countries 2012:

  1. Qatar (GDP  per capita: $88,222)
  2. Luxembourg ($81,466)
  3. Singapore ($56,694)
  4. Norway ( $51,959)
  5. Brunei ($48,333)
  6. United Arab Emirates ($47,439)
  7. United States ( $46,860)
  8. Hong Kong ($45,944)
  9. Switzerland ($41,950)
  10. Netherlands ($40,973)
The list of world richest countries 2012 showing countries whose succeed to manage its natural resources of oil and gas. They have invested funds for infrastructures and other vital facilities to attract more business.
More on the list are small countries in term of size and its population. The list also shows mixed political systems perform well to alter a country become richer.