Play most popular game, Black Ops

A first-person shooter game, Call of Duty: Black Ops become the most popular game in this year. More people around the earth play the Black Ops, because of  one or more following factors: war game graphics and sounds, first person shooter impression and adventure experience as an member of an elite special forces who taking hiden operation in behind enemy lines. Yup, you will be equipped with the most deadly and complete weapon ever.

The setting takes Black Ops in cold war from Ural mountain of Central Russia, Vietnam, Cuba to Laos, Southeast Asia. The player will role as special unit forces member, with various characteristics opts like shadows and voice. Single player will face a campaign which featured by series of objectives.

Featuring by  the voices of actors Ed Harris, Gary Oldman, Sam Worthington, Ice Cube, and Emmanuelle Chriqui, Black Ops become the best seller games at CD Universe and other game store in entire states. See the complete list: Tops Seller at CD Universe.

Developer: Treyarfree-download-game-online-black-opsch

Publisher: Activision

Availaber for: Microsoft Windows,XBox 360,PlayStation 3, Wii and Nintendo

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Here some excerpt from reviewers in WSJ

Nick Cowen in Telegraph argues that the experience of playing the game, is comparable to the best in what the franchise has had to offer up until now. The meaty kick of the guns, the blistering pace of the action and the sterling soundtrack of explosions, gunshots and whistling bullets all serve to quicken the player’s pulse and tighten their grip on the controller

According to Keith Stuart of Guardian, Call of Duty: Black Ops quite probably represents the pinnacle of the linear military shooter experience – and the player will wonder where the sub-genre can go from here. Stuart says that Treyarch’s game is exhilarating and beautifully orchestrated, but it feels like a full-stop, it needs to be a full-stop, because toward the end of the campaign, bombardment fatigue begins to set in

  • Silent

    The game isn’t as bad as the above comments make it out to be. The multiplayer has better graphics than modern warfare two, there is no longer just people running around spamming noob tubes, no glitches for infinite care packages or anything of that nature yet. The only downfall I found was the maps did feel somewhat not thought at, there were no lines of sight to protect, snipers had no where to snipe from except on one or two maps, but usually the downgrade in their power made it not even effective, sniping with a assault rifle was much deadlier in my opinion.

    • Silent

      sorry I meant below not above

  • Sherryl Turk

    Im sorry but BLACK OPS is a step backward.The multiplayer seems like it came out in 2006 and plays much less smoothly or well as Modern Warfare 2. I keep trying to let it grow on me and i hate it more each time i play.The maps all feel the same to me, the weapons response is weird and reminds me of a much older game. The killstreaks are HORRIBLE. Dog Pack!?? SERIOUSLY?!?! And that stupid RC car…i thought it would be cool but when there are 5 roaming around the map at any one time, its just annoying and incredibly stupid.

  • Bob Martin

    Black Ops consists of me running from one side of the map to the other side chasing down people camping in a corner with Ghost on. FUN!!